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Winner Speak

"I enjoy reading, and a good giveaway. And this site does giveaways, making it an awesome site. Is it weird to say giveaways make my day? "

Abbie Ibbotson
Book Lover
"I love the chance to win prizes and explore new books and authors!"

Burma Turner
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - In the Middle by Zelmer Wilson
"Great place for authors to get valuable feedback and exposure."

Jarratt Best
Book Lover
"I like finding authors I haven't read before. And I love the idea of the giveaways."

Kim Crosby
Book Lover
"great games can find books by my favorite authors."

Tammy Thayer
Book Lover
"There is a wonderful selection of books to win."

Tonya May
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Forever Different: A Memoir of One Woman's Journey Living with Bipolar Disorder by Christine Anderson
"love to read - smile"

Jackie Ludvigsen
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Dark Migration (Butterfly Harvest) (Volume 2) by Sandra R. Campbell
"I've just found Freado and it's unlike many of the other booksites that I frequent, so it's all novel and new to me. "

Nancy Patron
Book Lover
"My daughter loves to read!"

Jamie Gross
Book Lover
"I like being able to discover different new authors and books that I've might not stumbled across anywhere else. "

Michael Crick
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Hardly Working by Kathleen Brown (Spyder)
"A great place for a Bibliophile! It is fun and a great way to learn about new books and/or authors."

Cynthia Toupin
Book Lover
"a great way to win books."

Rebeccaj Bragdon
Book Lover
"i just found this site and being an avid reader oh boy i am so thrilled thank you for having such a site"

Sherry Smith
Book Lover
"I love the opportunity for free books and contests"

Shawna Willey
Book Lover
"I can experience new books and seek out new interests."

LaCinda Brooks
Book Lover
"I've only just discovered and was lucky enough to win something whilst checking the site out. So far it's a fun and engaging way to learn about new authors. Thank you for the book Traveller - I look forward to reading and reviewing it."

Van Taylor
Book Lover
"Freado is new to me - introduced by a participating author. It looks great -and as an author myself I am particularly looking forward to this new avenue for my work as well as a great place to find wonderful books!"

Wendy Unsworth
Book Lover
"Freado is an excellent way to market your work. There are interesting reads to find and the content itself is engaging and FUN to interact with! "

Nancy Ann Healy
Book Lover, Author
"a book lover will love this site not only bcoz of free books but also becoz the quizes also judge their reading skills"

Ankita Saha
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - God on Trial: A Short Fiction by Sabri Bebawi
"What can I say? I absolutely love to read :) Hardcovers or paperbacks-I just simply love to read :)"

Book Lover

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