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"I love books and can't go a day without reading so when I found out about Freado, I thought: What a great way to earn free books by doing simple tasks or games that are fun? "

Brianna Chen
Book Lover
"I am new to, but the opportunity to win free books by my favorite authors is great!"

Candace Weddle
Book Lover
"it was my daughter that told me about this website and i decided to check it out and saw that there's a lot of book i would like to read here i don't even know where to begin, i also like that you guys ship to where i live . "

Lia Tonicher
Book Lover
"I love the selection of books to either bid on or play the match game to receive points. Love this site."

Avis Gill
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - The Last Seal by Richard Denning
"Freado gives us the opportunity to discrover news books and new authors. That's what I love the most about it."

Sarah Janvier
Book Lover
"I like because it's an easy way to win prizes than on Instagram which as a lot of people and these people try also to win. "

Julie Janvier
Book Lover
"I like freado because it gives an opportunity to win pre realeased or released books."

Aishwarya Deengar
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - One Night in Tehran: A Titus Ray Thriller by Luana Ehrlich
"Im still new to Freado, i got to know it because i was watching a video of SassyCassidy5 and she mentioned Freado. So i decided to check it out, and saw that you guys send free books to review to a winner everyday, and that the only thing we have to do to win a book of our choice is to play a game, which is great. I love Freado because its the only place where i can play games or create a game and win a book i have been wanting to read for so long for free.And the fact that you guys ship to where i live is even more incredible. Im super happy to have found Freado. Its also amazing that the authors and you guys give us this opportunity :) By the way i love the hangman and the questions games :P "

Adriana Tonicher Palma
Book Lover
"It's so much fun to earn points that can actually be used for free books!"

Kristen Kreashko
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - BURIED THREADS - Book 2, Threads Series by Kaylin McFarren
"Great way to get books"

Sahra Nur
Book Lover
"It is a great place to find new authors and great books!"

Barry Hayes
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - BURIED THREADS - Book 2, Threads Series by Kaylin McFarren
"A way to win free books that you cannot find in some places"

Hamda Musse
Book Lover
"Freado is tons of fun! Excellent for any book lover."

Skylar Mosher
Book Lover
"It's fun and introduces me to many new books. "

Robert Mosher
Book Lover
"Freado provides opportunities for avid readers to win prizes through means of mental training which makes the user have a sense of satisfaction not present when giveaways are won through random selection. "

Rola G.
Book Lover
"I like it because it gives me the opportunity to receive books to read and review by playing a fun game. "

Courtney Garneau
Book Lover
"This is such a cool site to win books on, bid on books by authors you may not have heard about, and to play games that test your memory! There is no reason not to try it and have some fun, too!"

Raymond F. Borgert
Book Lover
"Its easy to bid for books and I love the feature."

Junming Guan
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Celtic Stars (Celtic Steel Book 4) by Delaney Rhodes
"Love reading! And having an opportunity to preview and review books is great!"

Phyllis Stuart
Book Lover
"I like Freado because it gives you opportunities to read good books and view authors that you normally wouldn't of heard of. "

Jade Mosher
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Searching for Tomorrow (Tomorrows) by Kathryn Crane

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