Reader Testimonials

"Unique way to discover new books."

Jessi Hafeman
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - City of the Dead Gods by Alexander McKinney
"It allows writers to give people books they really want to read, and find readers to participate in making that happen."

M Ettrick
Book Lover
"People who really want the book are the ones who receive it."

Thalia Lightstone
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Touch of Evil, Part 1: The Twins, Road to Pripyat by Nathan Johnson
"This is the first time I tried it and I won! Can't wait to try again."

Joee Leupold
Book Lover
"I like the books in the giveaways."

Andreea Costache
Book Lover
"Chance to find new books and win prizes"

Amy Manetti
Book Lover
"I like it because I can get books for free and expand my lit views"

Crystal Sims
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Searching for Tomorrow (Tomorrows) by Kathryn Crane
"I'm new to Freado but appreciate the opportunity to receive (and review) giveaway books."

Andrew Smith
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - The Last Seal by Richard Denning
"a great way to look at other author's work."

Shanena Cooper
Book Lover
"Freado is a terrific platform that allows readers and authors to connect in a fun, and giving atmosphere. The diverse range of texts on offer include new readers, avid readers, young and old, and allow for the accumulation of a wide range of honest reviews and interactions that truly benefit the literary world."

Sarah Mellington
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Dead On The Money by Venita Louise
"Freado allows authors to publicize their work. It gives people the chance to win a book title that they are interested in and introduces everyone to other authors of whom they may never have known about. "

Leanne Surette
Book Lover
"This is the first time I have seen this site and it is really amazing. I love reading and love that even if its not a book that I can get free it give me ideas of books to buy. Wish I would have known about the site sooner. "

Tracy Jones
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Webs - Lily Stuart (a pen name of Debrah Martin) by Debrah (D.B) Martin
"Free books are awesome"

Mirella Sacco
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Hello, Agnieszka! (Between Two Worlds Book 2) by E Journey
"I like that you can play games and work towards winning books."

Jay Bee
Book Lover
"I like the idea of earning books by playing games and trying to win an auction a gait someone else"

Sharon Mccumber
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Last Of The Seals by Greg Messel
"It is a very good website and is very easy to work I love it and a great way to get books "

Karen Schram
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - Love Letters from God by Daniel Martin
"It's great to win free books"

Deb Maye
Book Lover
"Freado is a great site for readers."

Denise Strickler Benson
Book Lover
"I love reading and Freado helps me find new books and authors."

Celeste Purser
Book Lover
"I love Freado because it's a great way to get books and find out about new authors!"

Alla Issa
Book Lover and Winner of the Book - The Rebel (Volume 1) by Nathan Johnson

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