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Freado is Free

Freado is free for book bloggers and reviewers. Publishers and authors pay Freado to facilitate their book giveaways and act as a trusted intermediary that ensures giveaways actually happen as promised.

More than just ARCs

On Freado, you will find not just soon-to-be released books (aka ARCs or Advance Reading Copies) but also books that have already proven their worth in the marketplace. These include best sellers which are sponsored by participating publishers and authors.

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Guaranteed giveaways

Most giveaway sites take a 'raffle' approach and chance plays a big part in whether you receive the giveaway or not. On Freado, you are assured of getting the book that you choose. Some books may require you to perform simple activities such as matching book cover pairs. But on the whole, there is no element of chance on Freado.

More than just ebooks

These days, ebooks are all the rage. But there are still many readers who enjoy the feeling of interacting with a physical book. The challenge with physical books is limited availability. Freado fixes this with an elegant 'auction' style approach. What this means is that as you perform various activities on Freado, you accumulate points. You can then use these points to 'bid' for books that you want. Of course, the entire auction mechanism is completely free and there is no real money involved. But the act of spending your 'points' ensures that you are serious about the physical books that you go after.

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Best sellers

Freado also gives away a number of best-selling books from popular authors. In many cases, publishers and authors offer to do giveaways in the hope of creating buzz for their books. In other cases, the best-selling books are sponsored by other sponsoring authors from similar genres.

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"good chance to learn about new authors"

- Mirage Cooper-Karnes

"I just recently joined and have just won a book. I am happy to have found this site!"

- Vicki Thomas 80 Thompson Drive Camden,tn 38320

"I'm new to Freado, but so far I'm really enjoying it. I love to read and really appreciate having the exposure to authors that I wouldn't necessarily run across otherwise."

- Norma Dunphy

"Because freedo makes me feel that everything I do is important, even playing games because they make me win books..."

- Rose Cullin

"I enjoy the games, I love reading and I'm always on the lookout for inspiration for new books. I think its a great way for new authors to get their name out there too!! :)"

- Amy Rennocks

"Everyone have some of duty. For you Freado is make happy lover of books with great book little bit diffrent but funny way ;)"

- Lenka Ondrejkovicova

"I like that Freado provides readers with an excellent opportunity to win so many different prizes - and in such a fun, interactive way!"

- Shaunna McLaren

"It's a fun way to get free books! What's not to like?"

- Katie Wilkins

"Freado is a terrific way to introduce readers to new authors and books by bidding on or winning books they may not have heard about."

- Jani Rich

"Unique way to discover new books."

- Jessi Hafeman

"I love Freado! It's a great way to earn prizes and learn about new authors too! Glad I came upon this website."

- Ellie Kettle

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