Top Websites To Find High Quality Free Images for Book Bloggers

Words can weave a web of beauty, yet a picture adds a much to the paragraphs. A picture is worth a thousand words, is the age old adage and it holds a lot of meaning for bloggers. An image along with the text in a blog post makes the post more visually appealing and adds value to the post. It breaks the monotony of black and white text while still keeping the subject of the article in place.

It is an excellent way to add more meaning to the post, give examples or make a point. But using an image isn’t as straight forward as that unless the image is taken or created by you. If you are using someone else’s image there are copyright issues to keep in mind.

Not every image can be readily used, they require permissions, credits, attribution etc. and some will even require payment. But, there are some sites that exclusively offer copyright free images so bloggers can use images without any strings attached. Here are 5 image sites that offer royalty and copyright free images for use.


Pixabay offers over 130,0000 free high-quality photos, vectors and art illustrations that you can use without having to worry about attribution in digital and printed form, even for commercial applications. The images can be searched for based on tags and the layout is clean and easy to use.

Our Take: ★★★★



With over 380,000 images and illustrations to browse through FreeImages has large variety to choose from. The images are sorted into categories and there is also a search option with intuitive recommendations and an advanced search option.

Our Take: ★★★★



The actually number of photos on Unsplash is not listed prominently, but the site does promise 10 new photos every 10 days. The images are high-resolution and licensed under Creative Commons Zero. That means that they can be used freely even for commercial purposes.

Our Take: ★★★


Old New Stock

Old New Stock does not boast of large numbers of images however it does have a unique perspective to offer. This site has vintage photos from public archives free of known copyright restrictions. Photos have been curated from Flickr Commons and are very least available for personal and non-commercial use.

Our Take: ★★★★



A morgueFile is a file that stores post production materials for reference. This website aims to be the morgueFile for the World Wide Web and offers free high resolution digital stock photography for both corporate or public use.The site also has a #Quest section with daily photo challenges for the iPhone.

These aren’t the only free image websites out there, there are loads more but these make for a great place to start.

Our Take: ★★★★


Which images websites do you use for your blog? Have a favourite? Do you always look for free images or do you pay for an image you really liked?