Zukopal: The Splitting Earth (Chronicles Book 1)

Written by Ryan Stuart Stracey
Category: · Children’s Books

You are about to enter the adventures of a family of 10 royal ten-year-olds who each wield an extraordinary power over their natural environment!

The princes and princesses of Zukarta live with the King and Queen in a cozy castle. But they are no ordinary humans. They are the grandchildren of a god—demigods!—and the divinity that runs in their blood grants them incredible powers.

Join the children as they embark on all sorts of exciting adventures: camping, fishing, and even playing make-believe like regular children. But it isn’t all fun and games in their peaceful castle town. The wicked and vengeful Lord Labec lurks in the shadows, consumed with the desire to steal the kingdom’s greatest treasure: the ZUKOPAL, a mysterious ring that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow and holds immense magical powers.

Zukopal Book 01: The Splitting Earth follows the adventures of Krob, who has power over earth. Krob is busy building a small temple to so he can meditate in peace. But when the darkness takes over his temple Krob suffers a headache that causes uncontrollable earthquakes. Will the family and their Zukopal be safe from the massive earthquakes and worse—the unknown threats hidden within the magma?


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