ZenDoodle Patterns and Tangles for Beginners: Start to create your Zen Doodle masterpieces. + 7 Bonus Templates to Incorporate Your Own ZenDoodle Patterns

Written by Betty D. Caton
Category: · Arts & Photography


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Welcome to this instructional guide book on both Zen Doodles and the patterns that make them up. In these pages you won’t just learn about specific Zen doodles, but also about the Zen doodle patterns that can be used to make any image you want. In these pages exists the creative power to construct almost anything you can imagine. The secrets are written here and need just to be followed and you can utilize them for whatever outlet it is that you need. Whether it is stress related or a creative passion.

These Zen doodles and patterns are good for anyone who has the desire to create something. Not only is it fun and relaxing but it’s also rather quickly becoming a way of life. A way to exist in the world at a center that can only be found in the most peaceful of places. So utilize that as the inspiration you need to open up this book the rest of the way and get crafting your Zen doodles and patterns.

There are a nice and round total of 20 patterns in this book that you will get to explore. I will explain both what it is your looking at and how to achieve the desired image. After those patterns we will dive in to 7 unique and interesting different Zen doodles to see how you can apply the patterns to a full structured image with personal inspiration. Once finished this book you will be a Zen master and a professional Zen doodler. So why wait to dive in and get your journey started. Go on ahead now and crack open the next page. A state of pure calmness and peace awaits you!

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

– Lion & Cub
– Eagle
– OwlDoodle
– Parrot
– Wolf
– Dolphin
– Lion

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