Zary Little Wisdoms: A guide to mindfulness for children

Written by Kay Andrews
Category: · Children’s Books

Meet Zary, the Spirit Warrior that will nurture your children through their times of need

  • Teach your children the power of positive beliefs
  • Help them to be positive and love unconditionally
  • Discover easy mantras they can call on in times of need
  • Zary guides children through their inner struggles, anytime or anywhere
  • Includes a message for parents to help you explain the book to your children…

Zary Little Wisdoms

  • Are you struggling to teach your children about mindfulness?
  • Are you looking for a way to help your children master their emotions?
  • Do you believe in the power of positive beliefs and connections?
  • Do you want your children to learn about channeling energy and spirit warriors?
  • Is it time to empower your kids to build a happy and successful life.

Zary’s Little Wisdoms is an empowering book for kids with positive quotes that channel the energy and wise thoughts of Zary, the spirit warrior.

Zary’s mystical energy is similar to that of an angel or fairy. She will guide, assist and nurture children through their times of need, teaching them how to be positive and love unconditionally.

Zary’s positive quotes provide an easy method for parents to teach children about resilience, and that being positive and focusing on love will bring about the best solution to any problem.

With a similar message to I Can Handle It by Laurie Wright, this spirit guide book will help your child learn 13 easy mantras for happiness.

What is in the book:

  • 13 positive quotes from Zary that can be used as a mantra for children.
  • Stunningly beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations that perfectly capture these messages.
  • A helpful instructional introduction for parents.
  • A simple, yet effective introduction to the power of positive beliefs and spirit Channeling

Your child will have a new friend and spirit guide in Zary to support them through the challenges they will face in their life.


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