Your Elephant’s Under Threat: My personal journey from low self esteem to mastering self improvement and conquering my goals…

Written by John Mulry
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From lost with low self esteem to a journey of self improvement and success

I always knew I’d be a shepherd. Not in the literal sense, but in the sense that I knew I would be a leader. One that people would seek direction from. Seek guidance, inspiration, and answers from.

Up until a few years ago, I was the furthest thing from a shepherd. I was the proverbial sheep. My whole life had been run by someone else’s dream, someone else’s goals. I would do things because I was expected to do so. That word, ‘expect,’ has become something sacred to me, along with another word: success.

Those words in combination came much later, though.

I was doing what I thought was expected of me, what I was supposed to do. As you’ll discover, growing up for me wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful, loving family and great friends, but I always felt like I was different. I was fascinated by the world outside of Galway, outside of Ireland, and always looked to places like America for inspiration.

In school, I always tried to go about my business and fit in. As you’ll find out, this didn’t always go as planned. I was bullied, big time, had horribly low self esteem and zero confidence to the point where I kept my voice hidden and locked up for fear of being ridiculed more.

I did what everyone else did, even if I didn’t agree with it. Other kids were skipping school, so I’d skip school, too.

Same could be said about alcohol and trouble. I always hung around with guys a little older than me. Guess I wanted to fit in with the cooler guys. I did what they did because it’s what I was supposed to do, right?

Same in college, I did what everyone else did, still hiding my true voice. Still following someone else’s path, not my own. College was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, had my degree in the bag, and now what? London. Investment Banking, here I come. This, too, was someone else’s dream, not mine.

The problem was that I somehow managed to sabotage myself each and every time. I thought I was just not hire-able and wasn’t suitable. And at some level, that was probably true. I’ve now to come to realise that I was purposely self-sabotaging because investment banking and finance wasn’t the path for me. It was something else entirely.

I was going through some major changes as all my work over the last few years seemed like it was for nothing. I was completely lost and didn’t know where I was going in life.

Was this normal? If it was, it sure as hell shouldn’t be.

Proinnsias (one of my friends) and I decided we’d both head off somewhere and get our heads straight.

This time I said to Proinnsias, “We’re going to do something that’s not normal, against the grain.” I was sick of dong what everyone else did.

It was time to do what I wanted.

“Where will we go?” he asked.

“Not Australia, not Canada, and not America. Everyone goes to those places.

I know, we’ll go to South America.

I don’t know anyone that’s ever gone there….”

That, as you’ll discover, was one of the best decisions of my life…

In Your Elephant’s Under Threat you will discover:

•The real reason you have low self esteem, cannot change and why no amount of positive thinking will fix it…
•How to overcome the threats in your life keeping you from excelling and improving your life and business…
•The three types of people you need in your life to succeed – without these you’re doomed…
•How to tap into the power of the three words that will change your life and business forever…
•The secret to breaking free from the shackles of low self esteem and living someone else’s life…
•How to start accepting failure for what it really is…
•The ‘expect success’ mentality that allows you the freedom and confidence to do whatever you want…
•The powerful question that if answered openly and honestly will set the stage for you to live your dream life…
•And much more…


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