You Gotta Go To Know

Written by Chris DiCroce

“Every minute you spend wishing you did something is a minute you spend not doing it.”
~Chris DiCroce

Tired of mortgage payments and unfulfilling jobs, Chris and Melody, along with their dog Jet, sold their house and almost everything they owned to move onto a 35 foot sailboat.

This is the story of a leap of faith and their attempt to break away. From making the decision, to the emotions of finding the right boat, selling everything, and finally telling friends, family, and bosses.

In the process, they soon discovered that their greatest triumphs often came from their greatest challenges.

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams fell prey to their bologna sandwich and Miller High Life budget. Boat breakdowns, tropical storms and over-extended bank accounts brought them face to face with the reality that things don’t always go as planned, but sometimes… that’s the best plan.

Light-hearted, humorous, and sometimes sad, this story will draw you in you with its unique look at life on a sailboat and the emotions that come with it.

If you’ve ever wanted to quit your job and move onto a boat, or have dreams of location independence and travel, this is a book you should read.


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