Wreath, a Girl (A Wreath Willis Novel Book 1)

Written by Judy Christie
Category: · Children’s Books

An exhilarating story about an orphan determined to make a better life for herself–and a widow who needs her help.

“‘Wreath’ taught me to never let others decide what my outcome was going to be, but also to never be afraid to ask for help….To be honest, I do not know where I would be if I hadn’t read ‘Wreath.’”–Teen reader, national “favorite book” contest winner

“‘Wreath’ grabbed hold of my heart and would not let go…A must-read for every teenage girl.”–Best-selling Kindle author Janice Thompson

“From the first scene of ‘Wreath,’ when Wreath has to say goodbye to her beloved mother, this girl–this Wreath–drew me into her story and her struggle.”–Marybeth Whalen, author and co-founder, She Reads Book Club

Wreath Willis, 16, is finishing high school by day … and living in a junkyard by night.

Faye Durham is adjusting to life as a widow, running the old-fashioned furniture store her husband left her and growing more bitter by the day.

Alone after the death of her mother and on the run from a horrid man named Big Fun, Wreath needs a job. Faye needs her. Reluctantly these two help each other and build a different kind of family..

As Wreath sets off in search of a better life, she makes a list in her trusty notebook: “Find a place to live. Buy cheap food. Finish high school.” Then she adds: “Avoid notice”—because Wreath is pretty sure most people won’t understand a teenager living alone.

But it’s hard to go unnoticed when life puts a cute boy named Law on her path and brings in Faye, her new boss who depends on Wreath’s creativity to turn the dying business around.

Living at the junkyard is lonely and scary—but Wreath refuses to give up on her dreams. And Big Fun can’t find her. Can he?

Should Wreath keep running? Or has she maybe, just maybe, found a true home after all?

Book 1 in the Wreath Willis series

Next: “Wreath, In Summer,” Book 2

Coming: “Wreath, To College,” Book 3


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