World War II Biographies: Adolf Hitler, Erwin Rommel, Benito Mussolini, George Patton, Joseph Stalin (5-Books Box Set Book 1)

Written by Hourly History

World War II Biographies

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✓ Adolf Hitler: A Life From Beginning to End
✓ Erwin Rommel: A Life From Beginning to End
✓ Benito Mussolini: A Life From Beginning to End
✓ George Patton: A Life From Beginning to End
✓ Joseph Stalin: A Life From Beginning to End

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Adolf Hitler

This eBook tells the story of the man behind the monster in concise yet thorough detail. Hitler’s childhood, his early life and dreams of becoming an artist, his military career in World War I, his subsequent rise to power as the leader of the Nazi Party, and his rule during the war are presented in succinct, compelling detail packed with historical information that makes for an entertaining and informative read.

Erwin Rommel

He was known as the “Desert Fox,” and outfox his enemies he often did, leaving whole armies confounded and demoralized in his wake, and yet the one adversary that Erwin Rommel could not outfox was his own government. On that rather unlucky day of October 14th, 1944, when the S.S. came knocking on Rommel’s door, even his legendary heroism couldn’t save him from the monstrous regime for which he had once fought so hard.

Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini was a figure that was both revered and dreaded. He climbed the ladder of power rapidly in Italian politics, and he was brought down just as fast. Mussolini wished to stir up a united front of nationalism within his people. But, in the end, the only thing he united was their hatred and contempt for him as a despotic leader.
There were several twists and turns in the life of Benito Mussolini, and this book will take you through them all. Follow his astonishing rise and his dramatic fall.

George Patton

The name Patton has almost become synonymous with “General,” the two words have become nearly interchangeable in American history. When the name General Patton comes to mind we are automatically inundated with themes of strength, and tough resolution.
Patton was a man who seemed to embody the old American ethos’ of the rugged individual who shattered all expectations, decimated the status quo, and pulled himself up by his bootstraps, succeeding when all odds were against just because he was audacious enough to try. In his exploits Patton seems to loom larger than them all.

Joseph Stalin

There can be no doubt that Stalin is one of the most notorious and controversial figures in history. He presents a puzzling paradox for both psychologists and sociologists; he was simultaneously revered, feared, loved, and hated during his lifetime. So much has been written about the life of Joseph Stalin and yet upon closer inspection, he still seems to present us with quite an enigma.
His cruelty towards his political opponents and dissidents is well known, but so are his efforts to go out of his way in lifting up the most downtrodden and desperate members of Soviet society, giving them the chance that Tsarist Russia would not.


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