World War 3: EMP, and The Coming Apocalypse: IT will happen in your liftime Dont believe it ? believe it!

Written by Levi Freud

This book is about the unthinkable. Something that most people don’t believe will happen, or that it is just a threat from long ag., like watching a black and white movie of wars long ago. With their goofy looking mechanical walks and bizarre looking clothes and technology . This book explores the half faked collapse of the Soviet Union. And the secret rise of their hate, and the massive War preparations against the west.
Americans are completely oblivious to the secret preparations for a planed supprized attack on the west. Unfortunately I have seen these preparations and plans from behind the scenes . And i’m telling you WW3 is going to happen within 10 to 15 years.
And if you don’t believe me . BELIEVE IT!


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