World War 2: Tank Battles: The Famous Tank Battles that Defined WWII (World War 2, World War II, WWII, Tank Battles, Holocaust, Pearl Harbour, Tank Wars, Famous battles Book 1)

Written by Ryan Jenkins
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Learn about the Tanks of World War II and the Subsequent Changes in Warfare

The Second World War was the beginning of a revolution in war and combat, prior to WWII the use of armoured vehicles for warfare was completely unheard of. WWII ushered in a new era with the invention and evolution of tanks, this eBook covers the journey of how these incredible machines became a norm for combat by the time 1945 and then end of the World War came around.

Follow the journey of these muscled armoured monsters from their unusual beginnings when devised in the 15th/16th century by the ever famous Leonardo Da Vinci through to their use during some legendary battles during World War II.

Prepare to marvel at the revolutionary innovative nature of these killing machines during World War II, uncover the role that Charles DeGaulle and other famous figureheads held in the inception and evolution, find yourself gripped as you discover the stories of some of the most well-known and decisive tank battles during the war.

The enthralling stories include the very famous and fear inducing blitzkrieg story of the invasion of Poland that completely revolutionised armoured combat, the battle of El Alamein led by British Commander Montgomery and the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union stronghold Kursk.

Your journey will conclude with the ultimate discovery of how tanks literally changed the game when it comes to war and combat, this is something still seen in modern day warfare.

This dazzling eBook gives a detailed overview of the history of the tank and its ultimately successful inclusion in World War II, this book keeps you entertained from beginning to end and you will find yourself desperate to learn more about World War II and other key moments in History.


Comments From Other Readers

“This book is an invaluable resource to the historian and mildly interested alike. Everyone can agree that tanks are an integral part of military might, and this fascinating look into the rise of these machines is important in tracing their historical roots.” – Gerald D. (Salt Lake City, USA)

“I like a historical book that goes into great detail without being dry or cumbersome. If I wanted a textbook, I would buy one. However, the author takes great care to be as informative as possible while still being concise and readable. I especially enjoyed the rundown of each type of tank, as well as each of their strengths and weaknesses and how they affected the outcome of the various battles.” – Nelson M. (Manchester, UK)

“Warfare would be a lot different today if it weren’t for tanks, and this book does a great job of covering their development from the beginning. The battle descriptions were of particular interest to me, as those were the important components of WWII. To find out that they were fought largely by tank forces was intriguing.” – Robert P. (Springfield, USA)

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