World War 2: New Technologies: Technologies That Affected WWII Warfare (World War 2, World War II, WW2, WWII, Technology, Weapons, Radar Book 1)

Written by Ryan Jenkins
Category: · History

Take a Look at the Technological Advancements of WWII

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Look around our world today, and take special note of the technology and medicine that is a part of it. From the marvelous advances in health care prescriptions to flying vehicles like helicopters to weapons like missile launchers and guns, many of the things we use every day can be traced back to the advances made during World War II. This eBook is the perfect historical account of these technologies, giving you a detailed background of some of these important components of the modern world.

Discover the great advancements in warfare made during the Second World War by reading about weapons such as the Norden Bomb-sight and the Sturmgewehr 44 gun. Marvel at the surprisingly futuristic advent of radar that was discovered during this period, as well as the development of what we know as the helicopter.

Be amazed at the impact that World War II had on modern medicine, with research that yielded the highly beneficial Penicillin. You will also gain knowledge of the evolution of rations for our armed forces, from hardtack to rations packs.

From the avid historian to the WWII hobbyist, this book is an informative rundown on the far-reaching impact of discoveries and inventions from the period that still have an impact on us today. Order your copy now to learn more!

Comments From Other Readers

“History has always fascinated me, especially where the Second World War is concerned. It is always amazing to be reminded of how much this time period paved the way for many of the things we see every day. I was especially fascinated at the medical aspect of it; Penicillin was such a powerful discovery. A fine job by the author in hitting the highlights!” – Randy S. (Miami, USA)

“The impact of WWII was obviously a worldwide one, but it was more than just the negative impacts of warfare. The discoveries and innovations that came forth because of the war were undoubtedly positive. Where would we be today without radar or helicopters? The medical accomplishments are also a highly beneficial advent that was derived from this time. Penicillin saved many lives, and discovering more sanitary practices in the operating room and in field hospitals forever changed how treatment worked. Thanks to the author, I can certainly appreciate how this war affected us in a new light.” – Thom O. (Wales, UK)

“What a great, detailed book! This covers a lot of information without reading like a textbook. From helicopters to guns, to medicine, right down to things as simple as soldiers’ rations, it’s a wonder how much developed during the War, and at such a fast pace! I found this book to be very informative and enriching, and hope to read more about it in the future.” – Sue R. (Branson, USA)

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