World War 2: Medal of Honor Heroes: Medal of Honor Recipients in WWII & Their Heroic Stories of Bravery (World War 2, World War II, WW2, WWII, Medal of Honor, Soldier Story, Allied Heroes Book 1)

Written by Ryan Jenkins
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Read the Stories Behind World War II’s Medal of Honor Recipients

UPDATE ON CONTENT – SECOND EDITION! Now with MORE Medal of Honor Stories

The highest award that any military man or woman can receive is the Medal of Honor. Numerous men and women down through the years have committed acts of bravery that warranted receipt of this prestigious award. This book aims to recount the heroics of just a few men during the Second World War that often paid the ultimate price and received the deserved recognition of this medal. Buy it today and learn more about these heroes.

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* The origins of the Medal of Honor
* Lt. Bernard J. Ray
* Sgt. Henry Eugene Erwin
* Commander Richard O’Kane
* Private Dale Merlin Hansen, USMC


Comments From Other Readers

“This book gives one a distinct sense of thankfulness for those who would risk their lives for their country, and a profound respect for their actions. Clearly, the men featured here acted without thinking of themselves, but rather about those that were serving with them and the ones that they were protecting back home. A medal seems such a small token of appreciation, but they certainly deserve the highest honor possible.” – Timothy B. (London, UK)

“Wonderful read; certainly one I couldn’t put down. These kinds of things are stuff you see in movies and on TV, but to know that these events actually took place is a sobering thought. God bless these great men that went above and beyond for their country.” – Ann D. (Oklahoma City, USA)

“I am floored by the bravery of these men and the steps they took to ensure the success of their mission and our freedom. We truly don’t grasp the horror of war, even after reading about it, and these men deserve nothing less than the utmost respect.” – Chuck F. (Seattle, USA)


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