World War 2 History: True Stories Of The Wehrmacht War Crimes And Atrocities (Waffen, WW2, World War 2, German War, Irma Grese, Auschwitz, World War 2 History Book 1)

Written by Cyrus J. Zachary
Category: · History

The True Stories of the Shocking Wehrmacht War Crimes and Atrocities…

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The Second World War was, no doubt, one of the worst experiences mankind has ever faced. From torture to rape to murder, crimes against innocents were innumerous – Adolf Hitler, a diminutive man with the oratorical skills of a genius took advantage of a sensitive situation in the aftermath of Germany’s defeat in the First World War and amassed enough power to bring the entire European continent to its knees.

In the forefront of Hitler’s troops were the Wehrmacht, which had some of the most elite, most powerful and most brutal soldiers in the world.

What’s sad is that at the end of the Second World War, when the Nuremberg Trials took place and most of the WW2 criminals were tried and then punished, the Wehrmacht was declared as not a criminal organization. This was because of a legal technicality and loophole that left them as simply part of the German Armed Forces.

Just because they were ruled as ‘not a criminal organization’, it doesn’t mean that they weren’t criminals – there are even some who would deny that these men were war criminals, but that lies on par with those who would deny the existence of the Holocaust itself, given that there is ample evidence to prove the evil-doing of the Wehrmacht soldiers…..

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