Wolf’s Wager (Northbane Shifters)

Written by Isabella Hunt
Category: · Mystery & Suspense · Romance

Deep in the Farthing Mountains, in what was British Columbia before the Rift, the Northbane shifters have carved out a refuge. Winfyre Ridge. Away from the horrors, wars, and darkness. A place to live free and prosper. To start over. If you can get there.

Reagan Grace fled from a city laid to waste. She’s trying to get what’s left of her family to that mountain haven by any means necessary. But after a thousand-mile trek, the last thing she expected was a chance encounter with a bored alpha shifter. One who claims her by a toss of the dice.

Luke “Swift” Swiftlore could smell the secrets on Reagan a mile away. Hell only knows what risk he’s taking in letting this pretty refugee in. Now he has to keep her close and see if he can get her to cop to what she is. Good thing he’s a creative bastard.

Only Reagan doesn’t know either, except that her strange gifts ensured her family’s survival. But something else does. Something that has her scent, has tracked her, and will tear Winfyre apart to find her.


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