Without You (Changing Hearts Series Book 1)

Written by Yesenia Vargas
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Growing up means making hard choices, but Ariana didn’t expect it to be this hard. She’s determined to graduate high school and go to the University of Georgia. That’s if she can even get in and figure out a way to pay for college. It would mean everything to her family if she got into UGA. They’re counting on her.

But then Lucas steps into her life, waltzing into her senior year and disrupting her careful plans. He’s the guy of her dreams, the kind of boyfriend that could restore her faith in high school love, but he can’t go with her to UGA. His family needs him at home.

Torn between duty and romance, do the two of them even stand a chance, especially with Lucas’s ex-girlfriend prowling to get him back? Practical, responsible, Ariana knows she has to choose, because you can’t have it all. So, why does either choice make her feel like she’s losing everything?

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Please note: this book is intended for readers aged 14+ due to some cursing/sexual situations.  

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