Within the Ice: Book 1 of the Isiir Chronicles

Written by C. J. LaPolla

Within the clutches of the Great Glacier, the humans of Isiir struggle for survival. The cold is not their only enemy, powerful warlords threaten the peaceful towns at every turn. Even they pale in comparison to the war that lay in the shadows all around them as the Elder races battle for hegemony over the land.

Devyn, an ex-soldier, lives in the small trading town of Northspire. Most live there to escape the wars of the southlands but unbeknownst to them an unknown darkness is about to shatter their way of life.

Join Devyn in his adventures through the world of Isiir. A land encased in an eternal winter and where dark forces that have been slumbering for generations are finally waking.

Within the Ice is Book 1 of the Isiir Chronicles and continues in Out of the Ice.


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