With Love From Bratislava

Written by Christy Morgan

Uprooting to a new country is never going to be a painless affair. Especially with one divorce-in-progress, two small children, and only three words of the language as calling cards. Leaving the uneventful tranquillity of Prince Edward Island in Canada behind her, Christy Morgan chose Slovakia almost by chance. A relatively small country bordered by Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, and Czechia, Slovakia often finds itself confused with Slovenia (the similar flags probably don’t help). Despite the language hurdles, she soon finds herself drawn in by the capital’s incredible history, its irresistible food, and the fascinating contradictions of its complex post-Communist culture. Not to mention the abundant supply of ‘hipster’ coffee. A frank, amusing, and occasionally hair-raising account of starting life all over again, With Love From Bratislava is based on one woman’s snapshot of the people, sights, sounds, tastes – and scents – of Slovakia’s capital over the course of an adventure-brimmed year.


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