Winston Churchill: The Incredible Life And Legacy Of Winston Churchill

Written by Tom King

The Incredible Life and Legacy of Sir Winston Churchill takes an inside look the man whom many historians consider one of the greatest world leaders in modern history. But was he really that great? Known for countless and memorable quotes, including ones he came to regret saying, we delve into some of the lesser known aspects of Churchill’s life.

Surviving a death defying injury before the age of twenty, taking responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of British sailors at the outset of war and befriending a man he loathed, we explore how he went from the trenches of France during the First World War to the conference tables of the Kremlin and the White House during the second world war and beyond.

History has been kind to Winston Churchill, yet his many shortcomings have been glossed over by time. This book takes a look at some of those misadventures with a 21st-century point of view and brings to life the story of someone difficult to understand, yet easy to love and hate simultaneously.

Overflowing with contradiction Churchill openly wished Mahatma Gandhi starved to death, yet befriended Joseph Stalin – a man who ordered the deaths of 20 million of his own citizens. Inside The Incredible Life and Legacy of Winston Churchill we pursue these and other interesting, but lesser known facets of a man whose life seemed empty when a conflict was not present and thrived when defeat was almost certain. This is Winston Churchill.

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