WINNER CULTURE: Results cannot be planned … Performances can

Written by Lars H. Nielsen
Category: · Business & Money

TURN SUCCESS INTO A HABIT. How to balance high performance, ambitions and the deeply meaningful purpose?
Professor Seán Meehan, IMD Business School, Lausanne, Switzerland: “Lars’ thoughtful reflections motivates executives and leaders as they face unrelenting uncertainty. Read Winner Culture!”
Olympic Champion 2012, Mads Rasmussen, rowing: “A winner culture can be created. In this book Lars H. Nielsen explains how.“
Global Marketing Director Mikkel Berg, PANDORA: “Winner Culture is a must read.”
In this book I share my experiences, philosophy and working methods, developed through 25 years of working as a team coach in international business. When ambitions are sky high, organizations must be able perform when it really counts, while maintaining the energy and strength required to repeat these peak performances again and again, for years at a time.
In these turbulent times market mechanisms are going through a period of dramatic change, from one day to the next, and competition is becoming harder and harder.
Focus should be on performance motivated by the dreams of results. This book will show you how to plan and execute the optimum performance. The book is intended for the ambitious team player – whether team leader of team member – with in-depth accounts of the challenges faced by Jyske Bank, Danfoss, Pandora and ATP and how they tackled them. It will serve as a source of inspiration for all who seek to attain the ultimate performance.


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