Will Love Be Enough: Royal and Karma

Written by Neesha Lee

After her boyfriend is murdered during a drug deal that goes wrong, 23 year old Karma gives up on love and makes it her business to get drugs off the streets. She puts her focus in the books and on her brother Ace. Only one semester away from graduating from Law School and making her one dream of being the District Attorney a reality, Karma feels like her life is finally coming together. She is getting closer to her goals, until the one thing she never expects happens. She reluctantly falls for a king pin.
Royal Wright, the King of Harlem, has all that he could ask for, but he is lacking one thing. If only he could find that special woman to share it all with. His baby mama, Erica, was just a fling that went left. Although he loves his daughter Mya, Erica was not the woman for him. He isn’t looking for love until fate takes control and he meets his match, Karma. Meanwhile, Royal has a snake in his crew who’s working with his enemies to take him for everything he has; even his life.
Karma’s best friend Sky, who is a few months from getting married, finds out that her fiancé, Lex, is being unfaithful. After meeting Dallas Wright, she feels that she finally hit the jackpot. He treats her the way she’s always fantasized a man should treat a woman. But when Dallas’s past comes back to bite him, will she be strong enough to deal with the consequences?
This story is full of drama, love and deceit. Will the Wright brothers be able to protect the rarest thing they’ve ever found, or will they lose it all, including their lives?


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