Wicked Seeds

Written by Cameron Sword

Some people who’ve survived an apparent death, report experiences of having communicated with departed friends or relatives. Others describe encountering an indescribable warm bright light accompanied with the overwhelming feeling of unconditional love. Still others share memories of witnessing their lives flashing before their eyes as they felt themselves slipping away. None of this was occurring with Dr. Nathan Cribbs.

A molecular biologist by profession, Nathan worked for a food conglomerate where he was responsible for genetically engineering crops but here he was now, dumped in a remote forest, along with his younger sister, both left for dead. Due to a fortunate series of events, he managed to survive, resurfacing three years later, set on exacting revenge against the perpetrator – his former employer.

Olive Beacon, a 17 year-old aspiring actor, becomes Nathan’s reluctant sidekick as she unwittingly joins him in his effort to expose his former employer’s crimes and unethical business practices. The duo must overcome serious obstacles, which emerge virtually from the beginning, but circumstances become profoundly more grievous after Nathan places his trust in an unfitting ally.


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