When Women Wore Dresses: Parker Family Saga

Written by Pam Donham Suitt

Edition 3 – Released September 2016

Do you love a book you can’t put down? Pam Donham Suitt accomplished that with, When Women Wore Dresses, a family saga following the lives of five sisters.

Myrna, Bette, Hedy and twins, Greer and Greta were named after movie stars. Their names are their biggest problem until their mother, Betsy, is involved in a head-on collision while returning from Memphis, Tennessee.

Their fairy-tale existence is threatened further when eighteen-year-old Bette is diagnosed with Leukemia. James Parker, their father, leaves twenty-year-old Myrna in charge of the household while their mother recovers. He enlists the help of a doctor, a man with whom Myrna had one date.

After a series of trying events, the sisters find themselves having to move to Bayou Bartholomew in the Mississippi Delta. The bayou is beautiful but a world apart from their hometown and the life they knew.

While 1956 gives way to 1957, the young Parker women find strength and love in a place they never dreamed possible, with people they never imagined.

As they forge ahead in their new environment, will the Parker sisters triumph over their new existence or will the challenges of their new life separate them forever?


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