When Deep Sleep Falls: A Chilling Supernatural Thriller

Written by Karyn Masters
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

They don’t want to know me. I’m dangerous. I show no mercy because I’m cold through and through. In human terms, I’m referred to as a psychopath. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg because … I’m … not … human!

Kara Fisher has an uncanny ability to communicate with the dead. Unsure of where her special power comes from, she sets out to uncover the truth about her past, which her mother has never revealed. She teams up with another psychic, Sauscha Wilkins, who helps her unearth her family secrets. Together they search for answers, starting with her father, who she knows nothing about, not even his name. Just bringing him up causes her mother to tremble.

Thinking they have a special gift to help others, they discover it’s actually no gift at all. Along the way, they learn their supernatural insight is powered by evil. They learn it’s not the deceased they’ve been conversing with, but dark entities who are out to control them, and one in particular is following them. She and Sauscha turn the tables and start spying on this entity through astral projection in an attempt to learn his identity.

As Kara searches for the truth, she uncovers horrific secrets concerning the past with her mysterious father. She discovers he is searching for her. While trying to piece her life together, this unknown entity reveals his shocking identity along with revelations about their future … causing them to make unthinkable decisions.

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