Western Mail Order Brides: Choose Me: Sweet clean Western mail order brides (cowboy mail order brides Book 1)

Written by Kent HamiIlton
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

The story of every new love begins with a choice…

Kathy is alone.The love of her life has died in a tragic accident.

The town she lives in shuns her, leaving her completely and utterly alone.
Deciding to move on with her life,she gives love another chance by becoming a mail order bride.

But her new husband, Paul Lowder, is not all that he seems.
When Kathy comes face to face with a stagecoach-robbing bandit, she begs for her life and for her possessions.

To her surprise, the bandit lets her go, safe and well.

Finally reaching her destination, Kathy finally makes it to the altar to meet her new husband for the first time.
It doesn’t take her long to realize that she has met him somewhere before!

If you like romance, adventure and a dash of suspense, then you’ll love this brand new mail-order bride novella!
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