We All Hear Voices: Which One Are You Following?

Written by Ernie Fougere

Running! Always running. He was running as a young person from a seminary where boys were being abused, running from the Mafia, because he had worked with them and knew far too much. He ran for years in terror for his life, ran from bad decisions. But all along, this strange inner voice kept speaking to him, and when he listened to it, the most unusual rescues protected him from horrific consequences. Ernie Fougere didn’t know that all this time he was also running from a loving God, who kept pursuing him. Finally, during a bizarre meeting, he surrendered and asked Jesus to forgive his sins and make him His own child. You would think that this would end Ernie’s strange experiences, but as he learned to follow that voice, which he now knew to be God’s, he began to experience one exceptional miracle after another as mind-bogglingly impossible things happened to him. Ernie says, “There are only four voices which we all hear, knowingly or unknowingly. The question is: Which one are you choosing to follow? There is the voice in your own mind, the voices of your peers, your enemy’s (the devil) voice, and the voice of God. Jesus clearly stated in the Bible, ‘My sheep hear My voice.'” Ernie proves that without a doubt. You can learn to recognize God’s voice just like Ernie did, and soon you too will be living a supernatural life, instead of a natural one. That voice can spare your life and it can direct your life. The outcome depends on you and to whom you choose to listen. Don’t live your life in a straight jacket bound by the dictates of others.


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