Wanna Go. Wanna Stay: My Journey in a Season of Abuse

Written by Maria Scott

What if the person you love most in the world is trying to destroy you?

In the 1970s, Maria Jordan is a Pastor’s daughter who follows her dream and moves to Atlanta,  the “Black Mecca”. Though the college grad is making mega-money in a corporate job, she’s ready to settle down, marry, and begin a family. But life can be lonely for a single woman in a new city.

Then Mark Towns enters her life. A handsome, popular, intelligent man, Mark seems like the answer to Maria’s dreams. Instead, he becomes her nightmare.

After a year of dating, Mark begins a cycle of abuse and heartbreak that plunges Maria headfirst into a life-or-death journey. Can she escape the grasp of love that keeps her tied to Mark? This memoir of terrifying abuse and courageous triumph gives you an insider’s look at the demons that abusers and their unwilling partners must either destroy or be destroyed by. Still being played out in thousands of homes today, this tragic secret story explores the difficulties of when you wanna go, but also wanna stay ….. and neither choice is easy.


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