Vivaldi’s Girls

Written by D.P. Rosano

Antonio Vivaldi’s music has mesmerized audiences for overthree hundred years. Another reputation that is far less reported than hismusical genius was the impressive figure that he cut in Venetian society and forthe females who pursued him.

The young red-haired prodigy could make women swoon withthe sweeping grandeur of his violin performances – even more so after he tradedin his priest’s robes for the dashing attire of a rich and notorious celebrity.Through the words of his lifelong friend, Domenico Trapensi, Vivaldi’s Girls tells the story ofVivaldi’s time as a music teacher for young girls at Venice’s Conservatorio, of those who fell formore than just his violin lessons, and of his romancing of other girls on theroad to the Italian cities in his time.

Praise from readers:
“Told with a flair for the arts and the flourishes of Italy, Vivaldi’s Girls may share a new dimension of the master, but in D.P.’s eloquent writing the fullness of his life – both in the passion for music and for women – we are still in awe of this superb Baroque composer. Kudos!” – Grady Harp, Amazon Top 50 Reviewer
“I found this story to be a fun read with a great storyline and a rich history of this time frame. Good read for anyone who is a fan of historical times and great music or a love for old Italy.” – Jimmy Ray, Amazon Review


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