Vipers Brood: A Novel of Suspense

Written by Larry Runge

Lane Wallace is at an unhappy crossroads. Once one of the top FBI agents on serial killer cases, her career has hit a plateau… not because of a glass ceiling but because Lane has burned so many bridges in her career that her superiors see her as Kryptonite. Relentless, uncompromising, unwilling to suffer fools gladly, she is stationed in the Chicago office, what would have been a plumb position—for any but her.

Lane suspects the posting is just a way for the agency to force her into early retirement and the make-work assignments and condescending attitude of her boss only confirms it. Yearning for an anti-terrorism posting where all the action is, she’s instead instructed to monitor the activities of the remaining Chicago Mob, a bunch of old Mustache Pete’s trying to cling to an era long passed by.
Frustrated and angry, she nonetheless performs her task with the absolute professionalism she displayed when one of the Agency’s Wunderkind.

And then the killings start.


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