Uniquely Me: The memoirs and motivations of One Woman who dared to balance the many hats of life to live intentionally.

Written by Simone Stewart

I know my abilities. I know what I am good at. I know my dreams and aspirations, but why am I
struggling to achieve them all.

I offer advice and solutions, I teach children how to live, women how to be their best, wives how to pray
for their husbands, yet, I have my own marital struggles, my own career confusions, my own identity

Who am I really?

The constant change, to my self- image, my hair, my clothes, my makeup…in pursuit of the ideal woman!
Am I the perfect mother, what else could I do for the love of my children?

Boss lady yes or boss lady no, who’s the boss around here?

To have and to hold, yet why is everything seemingly slipping through my fingers?

Uniquely me, is what every woman has been waiting on, to answer the many questions in her head.
She’s been waiting on the perfect companion for her inner self talk, to quiet her fears, dry her tears and
hold her hands.

One’s woman struggles is another woman’s success, because she’s been there and done that.

Enter the world of a woman whose bent on living intentionally.


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