Undetectable (Great Minds Thriller Book 2)

Written by M. C. Soutter
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

From Kirkus Reviews:
“A suspenseful thriller… Soutter keeps pages turning by enticing the reader with the intriguing details of Kevin’s strange transformation… the action-packed final scenes alone are worth the price of admission.”

Undetectable is the story of Kevin Brooks, the first test subject of a new and unproven technique called scrubbing. A private-school teacher in Manhattan, he has just landed a brand new job. It’s the most important, most dangerous job he’ll ever have.

He just doesn’t know about it yet.

Kevin will soon be in charge of protecting the greatest computer scientist of our generation. This man is on the verge of a breakthrough that could change all of our lives, and he already has 24-hour protection from the United States Secret Service. There are people who want this scientist dead, and these people know how to pick their moments. Which is why the man will soon be the beneficiary of a new kind of protector, an undetectable protector.

Now, in the second book of the Great Minds series, Kevin Brooks’ newly scrubbed mind will be put through every imaginable test. He will have less than two weeks to prepare, but several years of training to absorb.

Whether he is ready in time or not, there will be lives that need saving. And no one else who can do the job.


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