Written by K.R. Conway
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Eila Walker’s new home has defied the brutal Atlantic for over 160 years. Abandoned since her 4th great grandmother, Elizabeth, vanished, the town legend declares that she drowned . . . or was struck by lightning.

Unbeknownst to the town and Eila however, is that someone does know what really happened to Elizabeth, and he has returned, determined to protect the last surviving Walker from a history of violence. A soulless killer himself, Raef will attempt to keep Eila safe from his own kind who murdered her grandmother so long ago.

But what starts out as a quest for redemption evolves into something more, and soon Raef is forced to reveal the truth to Eila. As hidden secrets about their warring families come to light, Eila begins to realize she may be their best shot at survival . . . even if it means following in her grandmother’s fearless footsteps to save her dangerous bodyguard.

~Publisher’s Weekly~
“Conway’s debut shows promise . . .”

~Indie Recon Live Nominee~
Best Opening Line, Best Book Boyfriend, Best new YA

~Girls Life Magazine~
Cool Winter Reads, Christmas 2014

~ Teen Ink Magazine ~
“Four Stars! The supernatural aspect of Undertow was something that I haven’t read before – definitely a good read that keeps you interested and the storyline never gets boring. Can’t wait for the next one!”

“Undertow is a thrilling romance that will pull you in so fast you wouldn’t have seen it coming.” – Book Beasties

“With clever plot construction and a great cast of characters, this book has all the makings of a great YA novel.” – BookNut

“Fiercely original. Unlike anything I’ve ever read before!”
– She Reads She Blogs


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