Underground double play – The American Dream of Tomato baseball club – The true story of the little unwitting baseball heroes from an underground parking … Sanremo late seventies to Major League

Written by Giovanni Tommasini

Those who play baseball are, in my opinion, in some ways special persons. Baseball isn’t just any sport, it doesn’t just form real athletes. Baseball forms particular men. Like Giovanni Tommasini. A baseball player and today a writer. He passed through that field with a particular shape called a diamond. No one in Italy ever wrote about the baseball the way he did. From the first stories, to those Giovanni wrote later on, something was born also from our exchange of ideas, like the fantastic tale about the life of Agostino Liddi. The origin of Alex Liddi.
Then everything happened in a short time, because Tommasini’s tales fly fast, like the 90 miles fastball of a Major League pitcher. Up to this book which collects, like a single theme, all the tales of this great Ligurian writer. The first great baseball writer in Italy.
Those who played baseball are special persons.
When you will get to the end of this book, you will understand why.



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