Under A Tie Dye Sky

Written by Suzee Carson Branch

In her book, Under A Tie Dye Sky, Suzee takes you along to walk, drive, hitchhike and fly the road of life she found in the 60s. Questing, Suzee chases The Dream that the enchanted ones were committed to finding. Love and truth snatched them out of this world to go wherever they were led. Something wonderful and shiny transfers out of her stories about encounters with the Beatles, college life, childhood friends, experimenting with drugs, her fantasies, and gripping challenges. Suzee takes us back to the days Boomers experienced, but somehow may have missed or forgotten. This isn’t just another memoir about a patchouli-wearing, acid-dropping Flower Child with a berserk past. There are strands of hope and you’ll find yourself wondering how this person ends up writing about God and forgiveness. It’s all here, told in her warm, whacky but insightful writing style.


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