Unbound: Kate Reid Series Books 1-3 (The Kate Reid Series Box Set)

Written by Robin Mahle
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Box set includes the first three books in the series readers call “highly addictive.” Over 1000 pages of mystery and thrilling suspense.


A life built on lies. That’s what Kate has come to discover and so her desperate search for the truth begins and it will change her forever.

A past revealed. A vengeance unleashed. Compelled to delve into a past no one wants to relive, Kate turns to Detective Marshall Avery. He is the only one who can give her the resources she needs. But the price Kate must pay for answers might just be too great. When her desire for vengeance grows, will Detective Avery be able to prevent her from going too far?

LAW OF FIVE (Book 2)
Through chaos, a calm must emerge. The media’s continued interest in her case last year has made Kate’s life difficult as she attempts to begin again in the wake of tragedy. When she is pulled into a new investigation, Kate realizes just how much that attention has harmed her. This time, a killer dubbed “The Highway Hunter” works his way toward the doorstep of the SDPD and Agent Nick Scarborough is once again called upon to aid in the investigation. As the case evolves, Kate learns that there could be more than one killer. Four lives have already been taken, who will be number five?

What doesn’t kill us… A new case involving the disappearance of migrant women fuels Kate’s renewed trajectory as she is reminded their desire to start a new life is similar to her own. The pain and sorrow Kate believed was behind her begins to resurface as the case unfolds and the losses catch up with her. But when her training suffers as a result of her pursuit for justice, will Kate lose all hope of renewing a life that has already robbed her of so much?

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