Twenties in Your Pocket: A twenty-something’s guide to money management

Written by Kate Nixon Anania
Category: · Business & Money

Does personal finance make you feel a little nauseous? Don’t even know what questions to ask? Embarrassed or intimidated? Whether you’re eighteen, twenty-eight or a bit older, this is the book for anyone just getting started with financial management.

In this approachable, entertaining and informative book, Kate Nixon Anania deals with everything you need to know to manage your money as a young adult. Anania covers the basics- banking, budgets, credit, debt and retirement. She gives step-by-step, clear and actionable advice. Anania tackles salary negotiation, taxes, how to make financial decisions about education and student loans, and she includes a number of ways to save money and ideas for side hustles. Anania also includes practical advice for couples to manage their money together, advice specifically tailored for women, and quizzes to help you determine the best budgeting techniques for your personality. Anania also deals with some of the emotional aspects of financial management.

This book is empowering. It will teach you how to make the most of what you have so that you can live the life you want. We all have limited time, energy and money; this book will teach you the skills to make the most of the resources you have. Learning how to manage your money early and to gain confidence in your financial choices—to deal with debt, to make smart career choices, to advocate for yourself and to invest in your future—is life changing. This book will get you on your way.

Anania writes for her blog,, has worked as a personal finance writer and provides personal finance coaching and classes to her community. Anania has a master’s degree in economics, but before she earned that degree she graduated from college months before the market crashed in 2008. She worked a number of jobs including gardening, tutoring, waitressing, making photocopies, writing educational materials, answering phones, selling dolls, working on a fishing boat, doing data entry and teaching. Anania’s experiences with her own finances taught her how to manage money like a pro. Her book is a comforting lifeline for those looking for financial management skills that will set them up for life.


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