Tragic Hollywood Beautiful Glamorous and Still Dead

Written by Jackie Ganiy

Ah, Hollywood! The Glamor and glitz, the tragedy and death. Are you among the thousands of inquisitive minds who aren’t satisfied with merely wallowing in the bright sepia nostalgia surrounding your favorite stars, but instead yearn to peer past it and into the often harsh reality of their envied-yet-tragic-lives? You’ve come to the right place! The sequel to the successful Tragic Hollywood Beautiful Glamorous and Dead, this book delivers everything a scandal book should, and then some! This volume really packs a punch, with more detailed analysis of each subject, and rare photos throughout. Did Fatty Arbuckle really kill Virginia Rappe in a suite at the St. Francis Hotel? Why was Robin Williams so unhappy? What really happened to Elizabeth Short, AKA the Black Dahlia? Why are there so many unsolved murders in Tinsel Town? Been There and done that, you say? This book reveals details that most have never heard of. Open it, and you won’t put it down!


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