Trading Forex: A Beginners Guide To Profitable Forex Trading (Currency Trading, Forex Book 1)

Written by Rodney Wall
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Master the Art of Forex Trading In No Time!

Forex Trading has been around for several years and is a great vehicle for financial freedom but as you may know can take a long time to really grasp and become an expert. This book aims to dig deep into the basics which are often overlooked by most newbie Forex traders. 

The foreign exchange market is very large and millions of currencies are traded on a daily basis so it can be rewarding once one knows what they are doing. The problem with beginners nowadays is that they commence trading without a solid grounding in the basics and without a proven strategy, they chase money over learning and consistency. I believe that when you learn the fundamentals you can then be on the right basis to actually start practicing trading and following strategies for Forex. After which you will be well on your way to generating a decent income trading currencies in the Forex market. 

Inside this book you will discover the following:

  • Online Forex Trading
  • Currency Correlations
  • How to time the Forex Market
  • Forex Trading – The Basics
  • Technical Trading
  • & MORE…

This eBook will teach you the fundamentals of Forex trading. It will explain the different aspects of the currency market (e.g. interest rates, geopolitical issues, macroeconomic events, etc.). The insights, tactics, and strategies that you’ll find in this book can help you become a skilled currency trader.

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Rodney Wall.


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