Too Many Rock Stars: Violet’s Story (Access All Areas Book 1)

Written by Candy J Starr

I don’t date rock stars and, since I work at a club surrounded by nothing but rockers, that means I don’t date at all. I didn’t ask to get stuck in a crazy love triangle — and I sure as hell didn’t put myself up as a prize in a rock competition — but, when it becomes the only way to save the club, I can’t say no.

Now, everybody I know is either on Team Razer, supporting the local rock god, or Team Alex, lusting after the mysterious newcomer in tight leather pants.

No matter how this competition ends, I’ll have to date one of them! That’s the trouble with my life: too many rock stars!

If you like love triangles, dirty rockers and angsty drama, you’ll love Too Many Rock Stars.

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This book is a complete story without cliffhangers in the Access All Areas series. All books in this series can be read on their own but the best reading order is:

Too Many Rock Stars
Rock Star Returns
The Trouble with Rock Stars
Rock Revenge


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