Too Far Gone: An Addiction Memoir

Written by A. T. Micalizzi
Category: · Children’s Books

Was she able to escape her demons? Are you?

Too Far Gone is a page-turning action-packed memoir in the tradition of Beautiful Boy and Go Ask Alice.

Diane is a fun-loving, intelligent, caring mother and wife when she is sober. When she is drunk, the “monster” takes control and stops at nothing to wreak havoc on the ones she loves. Flashbacks of tragedies from her formative years cause Diane to spiral out of control. Her oldest child, Anthony, attempts to shrug off his own childhood of horrors to help his mom before the “monster” defeats her once and for all.

In his personal journal, Anthony chronicles three days from hell as he battles his mom’s addiction. All of the destruction, failed rehabilitation attempts, and heartaches lead to one bloody moment. Does he save his mom in time? Or does one more drink send her too far gone?

Your purchase will save lives. In the US, addiction is an epidemic that devastates, destroys, and kills. A portion of this book’s proceeds will be donated to the national addiction and mental health foundation, “To Write Love on Her Arms,” in an attempt to help those suffering.


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