Toddler Books ages 2-4 3-5 : *MATT, the GREEN CAT*: teaching your kids the Value of Friends and Family

Written by Jenny Mitchell
Category: · Children’s Books

“Its the best book I’ve ever read. My teacher read that book to my class on November 30th. My whole class loved it so much they wanted to read it again because it was the best book they ever heard of! I hope other kids who will read that book will write a review too!” Alexander Stoforandov

On a Lovely Sunny Day a Cute Ginger Cat Suddenly Turns a New Color! Matt is walking down the street and tells his fascinating and breathtaking story.

  • Our Toddlers Book Teaches kids that Being “unusual” or “different” has a lot of Advantages and that our Friends and Family are very important in our life
  • Our Amazing Kids Book encourages Kindness and Empathy towards others
  • Wonderful HD pictures Educate and Enhance children’s Emotions while reading
  • Perfect Gift for toddlers in Kindergarten and kids of Preschool age and their parents as a First Level 1 Reading Book for Children or as Goodnight Stories Book
  • Buy an Inspirational and Teaching Bedtime Cat Book for your Kids!

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