Titanic Affair

Written by Amanda Grange

First published in hardback by traditional British publisher Severn House
Emilia Cavendish is given a first class ticket on board Titanic and sets out to start a new life with her godmother. The first few days aboard the world-famous ‘unsinkable’ liner are everything she hoped for as she enjoys the unaccustomed luxuries of the fabulous ship. She makes new friends amongst her fellow passengers – not least the darkly handsome, if somewhat overbearing, Carl Latimer. But when Titanic hits the iceberg, Emilia finds herself in danger from an old enemy on board, and as she struggles to escape him, Titanic starts to sink. . .

Review for Titanic Affair:
“This is a well-crafted and fast moving story. Using the setting of the maiden voyage of the Titanic takes a degree of courage on the part of any author and in this case it paid off. I was delighted to find a fresh slant on the well-known events of the tragic voyage. What stands out is the excellent use of historical detail such as the Crown Derby china, the electric horse, the Oxford marmalade and the author’s ability to blend in real passengers like Mr Bruce Ismay, the chairman of the White Star Line, with her fictional characters in a seamless manner.”- Myfanwy Cook, Historical Novel Society

Author’s note
This novel presents an accurate view of life on board Titanic as well as providing a detailed account of the disaster. It was carefully researched using contemporary newspaper articles, survivors’ accounts and official documents. Sometimes the eye-witness accounts varied and in these cases I used the account which best fit my story. Woven into the accurate portrayal of Titanic’s voyage and ultimate sinking is a love affair which transcends the disaster, providing a thoughtful yet entertaining read.


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