Timeline: Trapped in the Past

Written by Jeremy Jones
Category: · Children’s Books

Five days after altering the past and restoring harmony to the space-time continuum, (Which took place in Book 1 “TIMELINE: A TALE OF ALTERED HISTORY”), Brian and Carl find themselves living the lives of their dreams. Brian is married to the love of his life with two beautiful children. Carl was now in shape and working for the police department where their father is employed. And speaking of their father, he’s alive and well! So is their uncle. But something is still amiss. They’re both struggling to adjust to their new lives because their most recent memories are still from the previous timeline, which no longer exists. In their quest to find answers and hopefully bury their old lives in the past and forget about them, they inadvertently trap themselves in the recent past. Anything they do could dramatically alter the future and cause serious disruptions to the space-time continuum. Their lives and the lives of everyone they love hang in the balance!


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