Through the Fire (Daughter of Fire Book 1)

Written by Fleur Smith
Category: · Romance · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Their love might stand a chance if he wasn’t bound by duty to kill her.
Two years ago, Evie’s world was shattered by the revelation that not only are monsters are real, she is one. Worse, her high school sweetheart, Clay, was a hunter sworn to kill all monsters. She had no choice but to run.

As far and fast as she could.

Now, Clay is back and they are stuck on opposite sides of a war with no end in sight.

Rather than dealing death, he arrives with flowers and an attempt to reignite their forbidden romance. Being with him will expose her to his deadly family. But running again is equally impossible.

Lost in their history, Evie wants to give in. Only she can’t shake her doubt that Clay might be the bait in an elaborate trap.

Caught between what her heart wants and what her head knows, something has to give. But can two potential lovers overcome the odds and thousands of years of prejudice to be together? Or will any attempt end in flames?

Through the Fire is a romantic urban fantasy about forbidden love between a monster and the man sworn to kill her.


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