Thrifting For Gold: 20 Things to Buy and Sell from thrift stores.

Written by J. Clay
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“Author doesn’t waste any time getting to the meat of the subject. 20 items that he has personally bought and sold with ease on EBay or Amazon stating how much he bought them for and how much he sold them for. Quick and easy read for some good ideas of what to look for at the thrift store.”

This ebook will show you 20 items I found at thrift stores and will tell you how much I paid for each item and how much each item sold for. This is my experience which is unique, read this book to see all the different kinds of items that do sell. No wasting time here I just want to give you an idea how easy THRIFTING FOR GOLD really is through my personal experience. I will also tell you how I sold the 20 items whether I listed the items as auction, buy it now or best offer. Because people don’t tell you this stuff they just tell you how much they bought and sold it for. I will also give you advice on each item. This book is great for any Entrepreneur, home based business, Ebay, Amazon, starting a business, a small business. If you are just starting a small business and want to know how to look for these items, check out my other book called EBAY BEGINNER.

I am an Ebay Power Seller and only been selling on ebay seriously for 6 months. In 6 months I went from 0 items to 288 items. These are 20 items I have found in thirft stores in 6 months time. I paid $61 for these 20 items and made around $898.43.

I like going to thrift stores and thrifting for cash, it reminds me of the gold miners who went to mine gold. Not only do I sell on Amazon I sell on Ebay. I really like how this ebay business is so easy to use.


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