Thomas Edison: Get Inspired by Real Heroes

Written by Debra Williams

As an inventor, businessman, entrepreneur and much more, Thomas Edison is most famously known for his invention of the lightbulb. His path to greatest was not always smooth, though. He dropped out of school, suffered through menial jobs and even went without basic needs in order to get where he wanted in life.

Edison had various accomplishments, including some lesser known, less successful inventions but despite his struggles and some criticisms against him, he went on to become known as the greatest inventor of all time. After years of working for others, he started his own business to promote and sell his inventions, the patents for which numbered in the thousands. He was a strong believer in making an impact on the life of others and went to great lengths to ensure that he did just that.

In this biography, learn about not only the life of Edison but the philosophies he lived by, and see how they can be applied to your own life. Whether you are an inventor yourself, or just someone awed by the greatness of this inventor, this book is for you.


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