This Plague of Days Season One (The Zombie Apocalypse Serial Book 1)

Written by Robert Chazz Chute
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

If you loved The Stand, Swan Song or The Passage, this trilogy is your next binge read.

“This is like reading World War Z…hooks you from the beginning and you can’t stop reading!” ~ Armand Rosamilia, Author of the Dying Days zombie series

One autistic boy + elements of The Stand + 28 Days Later = A haunting protagonist versus the Running Dead

When the Sutr-X virus spreads globally, civilization falls. Jaimie Spencer, an autistic boy, is caught in the fight for survival. When the virus mutates the infected transform into rabid bio-weapons.

Jaimie tries to save his family first. Destiny calls him to fight for all of us.

Readers of all things apocalyptic will love This Plague of Days. The Omnibus Edition won Honorable Mention from Writer’s Digest Self-published Ebook Awards. You may purchase each book of the trilogy separately or read the omnibus for one low price, available in ebook and paperback.

Unique Zombie Fiction!

Enter the mind of a selective mute whose world rarely touches our own. He becomes a hero like you’ve never experienced.

We are all trapped in the nightmares: survivors, looters, the wicked and the damned. Jaimie is our one hope. Look for him in your dreams.

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Reader Guide:
Expect violence, metaphysical adventures, Latin proverbs and some gory scenes throughout this series.


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