The Zombie Chronicles – Book 2

Written by Chrissy Peebles
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

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Welcome to the The Zombie Chronicles.

Book 1

– The Zombie Chronicles

Book 2

– Race for the Cure

Book 3

– Deadly City

Book 4

– Poisonous Serum

Book 5

– Undead Nightmare

Book 6

– Revelation

Book 7

– Trepidation (due out in Jan.)

Book 8

– Impact (due out in spring)

*This is a novella*

This is book 2. Dean and Nick will stop at nothing to save their sister, Val, who was bitten by a zombie. When their helicopter crashes into the middle of Zombie Land, the three siblings must fight to survive. Things suddenly get more complicated when a drifter steals the precious vials needed to save Val. The hunt is on to find the scoundrel and get their vials back.


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