The Writer’s Productivity Crash Course: The 5 Day Step-by-Step System to Habits, Routines & Writing Daily (Crash Courses for Authors Book 2)

Written by Nicholas Erik
Category: · Business & Money

No more gimmicks or BS. Get off the self-help treadmill and start writing every day – for good.

Frustrated by bogus productivity “hacks” that briefly motivate, but generate zero long-term results? Want to fix your discipline woes – forever? Sick of ineffective 21 day challenges that leave you feeling like an overstressed failure?

Enter The Writer’s Productivity Crash Course, which blends ancient wisdom with modern science and personal experience into a bulletproof behavioral change system. This short book will show you exactly how to produce more words with less effort, using a simple – but powerful – 5 step method.

In this crash course, you’ll discover:

> why most traditional productivity “advice” is actually BS
> why habits & routines are the most powerful productivity tools on the planet
> how to form bulletproof new habits – and why breaking bad ones almost always fails
> the art of small wins – and why they almost always outproduce huge goals
> the other hidden 50% of productivity that no one ever talks about
> the three key mindsets to keep you going long after everyone else has quit
> 5 step-by-step exercises designed to jumpstart your productivity immediately

No more motivational videos. No more “not feeling like it.” Just words – on demand, without resistance. Whether you’re writing your first novel or your twentieth, the Writer’s Productivity Crash Course will increase your productivity – right now.


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